Orofacial Myology Edmonton

Do You or Your Child Need Myofunctional Therapy?

Use the checklist below to see if you OR your child does any of these things:

  • Does Your Child Breathe Through Their Mouth?
  • When Your Child Is Concentrating on a Task at Home, Are Their Lips Apart?
  • When Your Child Is Eating, Do You Hear or See Them Swallow?
  • Do You Hear Audible (Darth Vader) Breathing Throughout the Day or at Night?
  • Can You Visually See Your Child Breathing at Rest?
  • Do You Hear or See Clenching/grinding of the Teeth During the Day or at Night?
  • Is There an Issue With Waking Up During the Night?
  • Does Your Child Snore at Night?
  • Does Your Child Frequently Wet the Bed?
  • Does Your Child Complain of Headaches, Jaw, or Neck Pain?
  • Does Your Child Suck His/her Fingers or Thumb?
  • Does Your Child Have Crooked Teeth? Or Small Jaws?